Infrared heating –
the benefits

Energy efficiency / economy and thermal comfort

from Redwell infrared heating systems
Highest energy efficiency compared to other infrared heaters as well as to all other conventional heating systems. In combination with photovoltaic highest values concerning the total energy efficiency can be reached, verified in the study of the Aristotle University Thessaloniki (Laboratory of heat transfer and environmental Engineering).

A smart and versatile source of heat

Pleasant warmth from infrared heating systems by Redwell

Warmth with impact

Our space heating panels emit gentle long wave C-rays (7-15 µm wavelength). The walls, ceilings and furnishings are heated and not the air itself. Beneficial for the human organism and a fortification of the immune system. Dust- and bacteria-free room climate with constant air humidity, walls free from mould formation.

Control with thermostat

Do not waste energy! Individual as well as precise control of the favoured heating demand. Can be combined with all brand-thermostat-controls.

To match individually in every room

Quality made in Austria

Our objective is to develop first-class solutions and to implement them to a sufficiently high standard to satisfy our customers‘ expectations. This demands a high level of precision in the manufacturing process and is achieved through experienced workmanship and modern industrial production methods. Redwell has a modern, up-to-date production facility which ensures a high rate of output, and we have more than ten years‘ experience on the market.

Environmentally conscious
Designed according to current ecologic and economic criterias. Use of raw materials which are developed for REDWELL exclusively.

Heat with comfort and style

A range of possibilities

The high quality, adaptability and impressive efficiency of Redwell heaters set them apart from other more conventional heating systems. This means our intelligent design solutions can offer you a great range of possibilities to match your individual requirements, whether you are looking for heating options for a new build, a renovation project or a supplementary heating system.

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